Hubby and Billy the calf

Hubby and Billy the calf

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lookin' for a set of horses: Part one...of many
Here we are going into winter taking tours of horse ranches! We are looking at Norwegian Fjords. Research tells us they are gentle giants...but not too big. They get fat just looking at grass and are fairly easy to work with. Just what we need. Not that working with horses is easy, but maybe it will be a relaxing change of pace in the winter months. We have thoughts of feeding the cattle with them. Working horses need to work, they love it. So here are a few pictures of our journey to a farm in South Dakota to look at these beautiful horses.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The story of Eva

One day I opened the door of the barn to let out the boar goats. They enjoy traipsing through the 4 pastures we have for the cows. One stayed in the barn, which is unusual. It was #8. I went in to investigate. There beside her was her new born female boar goat. She was as cute as a bugs ear! I just love babies.. She made all of the other baby goats look huge! We call here Eva. She probably weighted 7 lbs. and has a splash of brown on her rump and her head. I had to bring the kids down to the barn...along with the camera, of course.
Well- Life went on for the goat herd, everyday they went out and left Eva behind. So I went into the barn to pick her up and play with her. We will be keeping her so I wanted her to get used to people. Plus it's like having a new puppy...who can't keep their hands off a baby puppy? Eva was born on a Wednesday, on Saturday morning my hubby let the goats out. It was a busy day for us and I never got down to see Eva. When I locked the goats up for the night I couldn't find her. My heart sank. I just knew that fox in our yard ate her! I searched high and low until Sunday afternoon when I decided to just sit back and watch #8. She is a first time momma and wasn't saying very much. She didn't seems to be too concerned. I went inside the house. A few hours later here comes hubby with a baby goat,"Is this Eva?" The lost had been found! Her momma knew what was going on all along. She was making Eva lay down near some parked equipment, where she was closer to the herd on the pasture! I was overjoyed to find my newest baby!! Eva is now a week and a half old and she travels with the herd as they tour the pastures looking for all of the good things to eat.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Wild' baby chicks

Yesterday we found a third clutch of chicks. This momma had a wonderful group of chicks, every color and 13 chicks. WOW! I always try to let the momma take care of the babies if at all possible. I think this Chicken left one baby behind. Our daughter found a baby chick the next day in the loft of the barn, standing next to a hole to the main floor. I think what happened here was the group left without him. He was clod and hungry. He now is living in an ice cream bucket in our porch, until we get other baby chicks. I think he's happy for now, and he has two kids to play with!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our last dairy goat baby for 2010

Penny had her baby boy at noon the on May 7th; if you live in Central North Dakota you knew we had 2" of snow on the ground. Davin happened to be in the barn with a cow who had a baby in the night. So he called us to the barn to see the grand event. We were all there when Penny and her brother Paco was born too; it was 4 years ago, at noon even! Mother and baby are doing fine.

They go out every day to grassy areas. When the baby is two weeks old, we will start milking Penny once a day. He will be separated from her over night, she will be milked in the morning and the rest of the day they will spend together.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Twins calves

Our twin calves celebrate 1 week birthday. They are enjoying the sun with mom today!

Twins have a special place in our hearts, we love multiples! These are only our second set of twin calves we have had in the 6 years since we have been at the farm. They will double the profitability of that momma cow for the year-- but mostly we just have fun watching them.

Our kids are twins too they even enjoy cracking open a a double-yolked egg...yet another form of 'twins'.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Found: broody hen

Today my son found a broody hen, in the horse barn hay loft. She made her nest up on a stack of staw bales 6 high! That's over 6 feet high. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on her in about 21 days. Her baby chicks will have quite a journey to get to ground level.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The refrigerator is full... 28 dozen Eggs and 3.5 gallons milk! Next I think I'll make cheese. Now to come up with something to use eggs...